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Before appearing on Wreck-it Ralph in 2012 he was just 6 years old in 2000 and already he "rectified" the mistake that is Windows ME. (note not my video)

in 2000, People were willing to drop 800 bucks on a obsolete computer and electronics (this is before Windows XP, which I really liked), much like Strong Bad in much of his emails answers. (note not my video)
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my disclaimer (post this around on your videos (credit me for it))

COPYRIGHT ACT ALLOWS THIS MATERIAL : "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use, in addition DMCA claims are made under penalty of perjury meaning that one can actually sue for perjury (which can result in fines and/or prison terms as punishment) in addition to being eligible to collect damages under §512(f) over a video (or other material) being taken down (and in the case of Automattic Inc. v. Steiner this has happened, another DMCA related case is Lenz vs Universal). Let's Play is a form of review, which is a form of comment and criticism.

Attorneys general of Massachusetts and New York are investigating whether ExxonMobil violated state laws by knowingly misleading their residents and shareholders about climate change House Science, Space and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (who wrote SOPA) and other republicans hit them and eight organizations with subpoenas, no doubt they were politically motivated. Also at this point to admit climate change is a hoax is giving corporations a license to pollute with impunity (a man in Beijing made a brick out of smog, seriously look up pictures of Beijing).…
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this guy (in this American Greed episode) shouldn't live, even after his scam is unraveled he wants revenge. There is no reform for this guy (if only there was something like Toepick's face that could make anyone who looks at it repentant).,p…
in the future (1980s) robots can come from your TV like the girl from #thering and take your fridge.

Well I'm not having a good year and hope the next one is better. My dad as you know is dead from cancer (you can see author's note on my NC-17 San's CCTP deviation) as he has fought the disease for over a year before dying in August of 2015. In the meantime me and my mom need to rely on relatives for paying rent and bills while I wait for my Autism disability to kick in. I wish to be cheered up and have a somewhat happy Christmas. Please share this post or one of my let's plays and reviews to cheer me up, points will also help. I want to give something back eventually. Your OC could be featured with NC-17 San. I also want to help gamers save money by not wasting it in a freemium out-waste contest. If I become a popular personality I would like to help give attention-focusing shoutouts to good video game mods or political or social issues.
The year is 2017, Marijuana legalization movements are sweeping across the nation, Minnesota has just legalized marijuana. Alex's father wants to start their own business of a marijuana farm. Alex says "drugs are bad, and I remember a nearby farm was busted for having a meth lab in it's basement 2 years ago" . Alex's father says "some drugs are undeniably bad, like for example methamphetamine, but Marijuana is illegal for more reasons involving a propaganda piece than say, Meth, which is illegal for good reason". Alex says in response "since when did marijuana become legal in Minnesota". Alex's father says "since 2017 read this article" *he proceeds to show Alex a online article on CNN, Alex reads the article*. Alex's father says "now help me grow the new plants".

Some time passes, the weed plants are now grown, are ready to sell to Marijuana dispensaries and medical use. One of Alex's older siblings drives the old truck to the dispensary and sells the weed. It goes on like this for awhile and the farm discovers that Marijuana growing is quite profitable. Eventually, Alex's oldest sibling founds his own marijuana dispensary in their town, the only one in their town so it is pretty profitable.
Flushed with cash the farm upgrades and becomes bigger and expands. By 2024 Alex's Dad owns a small chain of marijuana dispensaries and restaurants with marijuana based food. Alex began dating Nick after he helped to create the website to Alex's dad Marijuana restaurant chain. By mid 2025 Alex marries Nick and live a pretty good life as a franchiser of her dads marijuana restaurants.
Today i present a epic crossover between my characters and the characters of… We begin in a normal day for King Magnus IV he was drinking beer from a ornate beer stein he purchased from a nearby kingdom and getting a mani-pedi with nail polish flecked with actual gold (weird). Suddenly a knight burst in and warned King Magnus about a possible undead invasion from a great sorcerer called Rasputnik. Rasputnik was a monster of a man, over 7 feet tall, heavily muscled, and has potent magic. King Magnus IV says "that's weird i thought i already paid my yearly tribute, something must be wrong" and tosses the note. A few days past and there is a undead invasion, A sorceress named Gretchen and a mighty warrior named Mortimer hired by Rasputnik to head the attack in exchange for part of the kingdom they conquer. When a good portion of the kingdom's capital is destroyed and many knights dead the King capitulates; the move is seen as cowardly as the invasion was already being repelled and nearly destroyed around the time of the surrender.

  After the undead invasion the Kingdom is being rebuilt, there is some dissent after the king raised taxes and assassination attempt is made on his life by someone hired by Rasputnik. The knights go on strike, dissatisfied after a long time guard is deprived of funeral rights citing "financial reasons" after giving his life fending off the assassin. With most of the knights on strike, Sir Steve and King Magnus impose a draft and draft a few peasants with the promises of money and various castle luxuries, Sir Steve even developed a crush on one female recruit and even dated her. King Magnus thinking the new recruits are inexperienced, decided to hire the best of the best from various Kingdoms. He attracted Admiral Faustius, a high ranking military with potent magic official born in a long dead empire, A guard captain from a nearby kingdom who guarded another King, Gangrene Genghis, a talented alchemist and bowman from a far away kingdom, and Hussein Bolt, a extremely quick warrior from another far away kingdom named "Hotsandtinople". However the new best of the best guards are expensive and took away funds that could have been used to rebuild the kingdom causing protests.

  A few weeks later, with protests in full swing a rebel leader brokers a deal with Gretchen and Mortimer to take over the kingdom in exchange for having Gretchen and Mortimer have high ranking positions in the new government. One day soon after a massive mob approaches the castle, at the front of the mob Gretchen, Mortimer, and the Rebel Leader. The guard captain from the other kingdom and Hussein Bolt is struck down by Mortimer, Gangrene Genghis uses a special anti-magic gas on Gretchen causing her to retreat, The rebel leader and Mortimer are fought off by Admiral Faustius. after the fight they discover it was a ruse to distract and draw attention while assassins... let just say if this was written by 4kids the King would be "on vacation". The Kingdom is surrendered over by Admiral Faustius and Gangrene Genghis to the Rebel leader and Faustius and Genghis retire to guard the new rebel leader made ruler.
Today on The World Mud, Kim Bei Fong (and other Fictional Factz characters) is interviewing your OC, I asked the OC of TehMaster001 asked the OC of EarthVStheDerek named Zoe, asked the OC of TimGaukerToons now i asked the OC of JuacoProductionsArts (no reply)
<da:thumb id="494863320"/> Fridge Raider by EarthVStheDerek Claire icon by TimGaukerToons Rilastika's classic outfit by JuacoProductionsArts

(Kim) Question No 1: If you were the MPAA what film would you rate NC-17?

(Kim) Question No 2: what are your opinions on legalizing marijuana?

(Pip) Question No 3: what awesome badarse feats have you accomplished?

(Pip) Question No 4: how tough are you? I can lift a 30 kilogram hammer.

(Stalin) Question No 5: if you made a agreement with Applejack and she spat on her hoof to seal it, what would be your reaction? I'd be grossed out about how a delicate southern flower can do such a thing.

(Rasputnik) Question No 6: if you were a girl how tiny and cute would you be?

(Kim) Question No 7: do you think NASA should stop hoarding the vastness of space to itself and allow for space companies?

(Pip) Question No 8: if you could be any fighter jet, or any form of military vehicle what would you be?]

(Stalin) Question No 9: would you like to learn manners and become a proper lady/gentleman.

(Kim) Question No 10: If you managed to get into a fight how would you fight off your attacker?

(Kim) Question No 11: what are your thoughts on human rights and LGBT rights?

(Stalin) Question No 12: do you think democratic nations are spoiled by too much freedom and this "fad" called free speech?
Ever wanted to RP my characters from a comedy idea i'm trying to develop?

Pip is for feats of toughness and generally being tomboyish and tough, also available if you wan't your OC to go from scrawny pushover to tough, Pip is polar opposite of Stalin.

Ask Stalin if you want your OC to learn manners and delicacy, Stalin is the most elegant man in Russia but be wary for he is extremely brutal dictator.

Like politics, Kim Bei Fong is for you, Kim Bei Fong is a Chinese advocate for democracy and human rights, he also has expressed opinion on legalizing marijuana, and is also a regular fixture on The World Mud even being on speed dial with their executives, Kim's pop culture reviews are ran on The World Mud. Kim Bei Fong is a bit eccentric.

For artists there is Matt Groningen who wrote a novel and paintings around a yellow skinned person known as Flanders (obviously this was inspired by the Simpsons). Matt was the son of a tulip farmer during the Renaissance, he loved art and even made his own, with incredible wealth from tulip mania he retired at 23 years old already an accomplished artist and pretty popular with his novel. There is controversy that states Matt Groningen is bisexual.

Marilyn Meroe is an actress who knows many celebrities like the back of her hand. Despite her wealth Marilyn Meroe rarely wore shoes often doing her dancing and acting barefoot.